The concept of Farmabilities had been in the thoughts of its founder, Kimberly Gannon for nearly 10 years. Her son, Liam was diagnosed with Autism when only 4 years old. As a mother seeking solutions on how to best provide a meaningful life and purpose for her son, she soon realized opportunities were limited. Kimberly recognized the opportunity to build something for her son’s benefit and the benefit of the community as well.

To contribute to a larger purpose lends value to life and builds individual self-worth.  All of us endeavor to achieve such goals within our own individual capacity.

In our “God-given” role as parents, loving and raising a disabled child, it became readily apparent to Kimberly that Liam’s future and quality of life was wholly dependent on his parents. The statement holds true of every parent but when your child is disabled, the stark reality of it is uncompromising. In facing this reality she vowed to be relentless in the pursuit to discover her son’s individual purpose.

Each of us hope to be happy and to find it in ways by which we are best suited. Farmabilities exists to aid a special group among in their efforts to contribute, be of value and know self-worth. Through our 250 year old farm house and acreage, Farmabilities will focus on producing basic and simple agricultural goods for the public at large.

Our Mission & Vision


Opening in the summer of 2021, Farmabilities on Mt.
Wallingford Farm (Farmabilities) provides farm tasks day
programming in a warm and welcoming environment
to individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities.  We are
dedicated to providing individuals a meaningful farm-based experience that
enhances life skills and independence, while increasing satisfaction and
confidence by hands-on learning of farm and garden chores. The farm work
the store will provide opportunities for social interactions, 
and marketing, while providing a cooperative experience.

Lynn Klein

Farm Advisor

47 years of organic gardening and farming experience; 18 years of experience working with people of various ages and disabilities; putting them together for the last 8 years.

Lynn holds a BA in Elementary Education, an Associates degree in Environmental Science and is a Certified Health Coach. Natural living, health and environmental issues are the areas she’s most involved in.

Lynn most enjoys being outside in a garden, making things with herbs and cooking healthy foods. She looks forward to sharing her lifetime accumulation of skills with the people at Farmabilities.

Shannon Woscyna

Farm Stand Developer


Shannon Woscyna, our farm stand developer was raised in Weare, NH and now spends time here seasonally with her husband and five children.

She owns Rustic Treasures, LLC and has many years of experience in Interior Design, Retail Design, Home Staging and Event Planning.

Her visualizations and rich imagination help power our team creatively and with detailed decision making.