Welcome to Farmabilities

Mt. Wallingford Farm, on Flanders Memorial Drive in Weare, was once a self-sustaining farmstead whose early owners were Quaker Society members.

At Farmabilities of New Hampshire:

We care for our farmers and help them thrive and experience the joy of home, belonging and accomplishment.

We provide an environment that cultivates family, dignity, and respect for people with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Who We Are

The concept of Farmabilities had been in the thoughts of its founder, Kimberly Gannon for nearly 10 years. Her son, Liam was diagnosed with Autism when only 4 years old. As a mother seeking solutions on how to best provide a meaningful life and purpose for her son, she soon realized opportunities were limited.

Kimberly recognized the opportunity to build something for her son’s benefit and the benefit of the community as well.